El Espiritu de Puerto Rico

 Pitorro is an integral part of Puerto Rican culture. For centuries, locals have distilled this spirit, infused it with local fruit then buried it in the sand to age. It's often enjoyed during holiday's and family festivities, and now you can enjoy pure Puerto Rican culture just like its inhabitants.

This is Pitorro.

This is Puerto Rico.


Experience Pitorro

What makes Lugo's Craft Pitorro unique? This high proof and sweet rum does not contain unwanted elements that have caused legendary hangovers from local Pitorro's. Our product is slowly distilled four times and then aged with real fruits.


Our upcoming products include Lugo's Craft PItorro Coconut, and Lugo's Craft Fruit Medely. If you want to create your own flavored Pitorro, you can use our original Lugo's Craft Pitorro and age with your own fruits!


Fruit Medely



Take a look below at some of our popular cocktails with Lugo's Craft Pitorro Rum!

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