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Experts in different fields

Lugo's Craft is a family owned and operated distillery in the heart of Lakeland, Florida. We specialize in developing craft spirits. Each of our products undergoes a different distilling and aging process making each one unique with a distinct taste, aroma and experience.

Peter Lugo
Co-founder & Owner


As Co-Founder & CEO, Peter oversees running of the company operations from sales to production, to marketing and finances. Having spent many years in the corporate world, Peter brings his diverse business acumen to the family business.

It is thanks to Peter's proud Spanish heritage, coupled with a passion for business and fine spirits, that serves as the primary inspiration for our distillery and wonderful products.


Christian Lugo
Co-founder & Master Distiller

As Co-founder & Master Distiller, Christian is responsible for day-to-day running of the company operations with a central focus on production and distillation.


Born in Puerto Rico and a background in chemistry, it is a combination of this culture and education that Christian developed a passion for the art of distilling rum. It is through his experience in the craft bourbon industry that we bring to you a revolutionary experience in the craft rum industry.

Ana Lugo
Co-Founder & Administration 

As head of administration, Ana works with our business partners throughout Florida and nationwide, promoting our brands & Distillery.

Ana also oversee's the Distillery Store and Front of House Sales, along with Distillery Tours here in Lakeland, Florida.

Anamarie Lugo
Vice President of Marketing & Advertising

​Having spent almost 10 years working with Fortune 500 Companies, Anamarie brings her Advertising experience to the family business. ​ Anamarie is responsible for the company branding operations, customer interactions and supports promotional efforts and events.

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