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LUGO'S Lounge Cocktail Menu

Featured Cocktails
Gold Fashioned
Libertalia Spiced Rum, homemade vanilla macaroon syrup, frangelico, black walnut bitters, luxardo cherries, smoked in a treasure chest and topped with 24k gold flakes.

Into the Storm
Libertalia Spiced Rum OR Riskey Single Barrel Rum, Ginger Beer,  homemade simple syrup

Lychee Martini
LUGO'S Pitorro Rum, lychee liquer, lemon juice, homemade hibiscus and simple syrup

Pirate In Manhattan
Riskey Single Barrel Rum, sweet vermouth, barrel aged bitters

Janes Addiction
LUGO'S Tropical Pitorro Rum, passion Fruit Juice, lemon and Lime juice, homemade butterfly pea reduction

Riskey Business 

Riskey Single Barrel Rum, blackberry peach reduction, angostura bitters
smoked or non-smoked

Mixologist Special
Ask mixologist for the special of the day
Seasonal Cocktails
Treasure Island
LUGO'S Coconut & Original Pitorro Rum, blue curaçao, pineapple juice, lime and lemon juice, homemade simple syrup, creme de cacao, brown sugar half rim
The Ass or the Mule
LUGO'S Pitorro Rum, homemade hibiscus, or passion fruit syrup, ginger beer
Morning Joe
LUGO'S Cafe & Original Pitorro Rum, bourbon cream, oat milk,  chocolate drizzle, chocolate bitters
I, Coconut
LUGO'S Coconut Pitorro Rum, lime juice, creme de cacao, homemade simple syrup
By the Pour
Libertalia Spiced Rum - $8
Oak Aged Libertalia - $12
Riskey Single Barrel Rum - $7
Straight from the Barrel
CAL'S Reserve
Master Distiller's Private Barrel Pick
Rum Brandy - $18
A unique creation merging brandy and rum, aged in a new charred oak barrel  

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